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In this very moment, something amazing within you is ready to be revealed. Often that inner-calling is ignored or denied. As much as you want it, perhaps you avoid allowing it to come forth because of old beliefs or fears. Unknowingly, you may be squeezing the life out of your own potential and inspiration because you believe you don’t have what it takes to be successful. Could the possibility of that much greatness be overwhelming? Or perhaps working, playing or living life to the fullest is just too frightening.

At Solutions For Life we help you discover new ways to overcome what's holding you back. 

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At Solutions For Life, we provide Group Therapy for clients with similar issues. Within our Group Therapy sessions, clients meet face-to-face with a clinician to find solutions with emotional difficulties. The outcome with these sessions help to encourage and uplift the members, as they offer support for each other, share common experiences, identify strategies and to challenge each other's behaviors and cognition's. Our therapist guides the group to ensure that the process is production for all members and identified therapeutic issues.

How does Group Therapy work?

Dealing with parenting issues and challenges to include such issues as: single parenting, parenting styles when different then your partners, discipline issues, parent/child issues, etc.

Psycho Educational Group

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Psycho Educational Groups are offered according to the needs of the client and/or to people living with a mental health disorder such as: schizophrenia, depressionanxiety, and personality disorders. Family members are also included. The goal of the group is for clients to better understand and be better able to deal with the presented illness. Also, the client’s own strengths, resources and coping skills are reinforced, in order to avoid relapse and contribute to their own health and wellness on a long-term basis. The theory is, with better knowledge the patient has of their illness, the better the patient can live with their condition. Since it is often difficult for client’s and often times their family members to accept the client’s diagnosis, psycho education also has the function of contributing to the destigmatization of mental health disorders and to diminish barriers to treatment.

Domestic Violence Support Groups and Safety Planning

Helping you discover your voice, strength, and courage in a safe and comfortable environment