SFL Supports Hurricane Harvey Survivors by Teaming Up with Houston Carolina Cares

Solutions For Life teams up with other community partners to offer relief to survivors of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.

On August 24, 2017, Houston, Texas was hit with a catastrophic Category 4 storm, Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of the storm, Harvey's flooding forced 39,000 people out of their homes and into shelters, making it ranked number two on the scale of powerful storms to hit America.

CEO and Founder of Solutions For Life, Adrienne Norwood knew that she wanted the organization to support and help, so when she received the call from Beasy Baybie of Hot 103.9 in Columbia, South Carolina, about the Houston Carolina Cares initiative, she immediately knew that she wanted Solutions For Life to take part in helping to provide assistance.

For one week, the staff at Solutions For Life gathered non-perishable foods, clothing, diapers, water and other personal items and packed them to be delivered to The Cultural Giving Tree for Early Learning in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 6, 2017 to be loaded in a truck and driven to Houston, Texas.

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