Solutions For Life understands the importance of students taking test and we also know that during those test taking times, youth become anxious and need steps in helping them overcome those feelings. With our 'Empower Learning Program', we help students to focus and use their coping and social skills to overcome these anxieties. 

During our afternoon programs, our community partners volunteer their time to help the students with difficult subjects in school. Our partners offers solutions for math, science, social studies, reading and writing to help build the confidence of the students and give them a clearer understanding of the subjects that may be challenging to them.

Join other Community Partners by Volunteering at Solutions For Life. We are in search of the following:

  • Tutors/Mentors

  • Office Support

  • Special Programs (art, dance, etc.)

  • Grant Writers

  • Event Coordinators

  • Fundraising Specialists

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Our Community Partners