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Statement of Commitment

  • Committed to in-depth psycho-dynamic relational therapy training and mental health services  that are made available to community members regardless of institutional regulations or social location.

  • Committed to respect and inclusion of diversity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or race, on all levels within the organization.

  • Committed to the value of community and its importance in shaping the direction of training and services.

  •  Committed to serving communities with acceptance, empathy, flexibility, and through the lens of social justice

The History of SFL

Solutions For Life (SFL) was conceived by licensed therapist and qualified mental health professional, Adrienne Norwood in 2007 to help under served communities or anyone who needed to discover their true selves. 

The guiding principle at the time was to guide those with mental health disorders and victims of domestic violence and anyone with a desire to change their lives, but as she began to work with these individuals, she wanted to expand her practice and reach not just the individual, but their families as a whole. Furthermore, the goal was to heal the minds, body and spirit of the entire family and not just one individual. 

Since forming a private practice in North Carolina, the expansion of SFL came in 2016 as the organization saw a need for mental health stability in several South Carolina communities. Forming centers for youth ages 5-18, this gave the organization a hands on approach to implementing social and coping skills on a daily basis during out of school time. Not only does the program focus on the youth, but the family as a whole. 

Grounded in offering therapeutic services, SFL client services became central to becoming a community-based organization. Accordingly, all of our programs are designed to provide easily accessible and affordable therapy for a diverse client population. 

Our organizational culture relies on the active participation of all of our constituencies to create a vital training program, socially responsible client services and a meaningful sense of community.

Mission Statements

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